Corporate Finance

The main partner of Aracnet has an extensive Corporate Finance background within Aracnet and in their previous work experience. José Ignacio Benjumea led the M&A team of Paribas España. He worked in multiple transactions in different sectors: telecomunications, banking and insurance, packaging, consumption, food and beverage, distribution, etc. Previously, he was involved in important corporate finance operations as managing director of Bestinver, of the Entrecanales Family in its early years, and Borealis, one of the first private equity institutions in Spain.

Aracnet has advised in the sale of stakes in listed companies, in the strategic corporate advisory on different sectors, in the starting stage of projects in diverse sectors: technology, internet or infrastructure. The team has also advised in capital raising or MBO´s.

Our value added comes not only by our long experience and knowledge acquired but also by being independent and flexibile. Our team is small therefore we are easily adaptable to what the client asks for.