Bestinver funds distribution

Aracnet Partners distributes Bestinver investment funds. The funds are amongst the world’s most profitable funds in the medium and long term.

Bestinver follows the philosophy of “value investing” (or investment in value). This philosophy is based on the principles of Benjamin Graham, that have marked the way of managing many of the world’s best investors such as Warren Buffet, Charles Munger, Peter Lynch, Walter Schloss, or Tweedy Browne.

Managers invest in well managed companies with understandable businesses that are undervalued and have great potential for revaluation. The analysis of investment is made with an industrial approach, thinking not on speculation but on a long-term investment. The volatility of the market is used to make new investments or expand them when prices fall.

The results of this  management style are exceptional when taking periods of 5 or 10 years, well above their benchmark and other investment funds, as seen on the following chart:

Performance as of June 30, 2019

FUNDS 2019 2018 3 years 5 years 10 years 15 years
Bestinfond FI 9,47% -13,39% 5,79% 4,43% 10,84% 9,16%
Bestinver Internacional FI 10,93% -14,15% 5,72% 5,03% 12,00% 8,82%
Bestinver Grandes Compañías FI 12,78% -9,20% 7,12% 4,57%  n/a  n/a
Bestinver Bolsa FI 2,03% -8,66% 6,25% 1,25% 6,82% 7,45%
Bestinver Hedge Fund Value FIL 7,63% -12,22% 7,88% 6,14% 12,27% n/a
Bestinver Global PP 9,57% -13,20% 5,97% 4,68% 10,93% n/a
MSCI EUROPE nr 16,25% -10,57% 8,22% 5,07% 9,24%  5,87%
INDEX (70% IGBM/30% PSI) 10,74% -10,46% 8,44% -0,33% 1,13% 2,02%
Sources: Bestinver, Stoxx, Yahoo Finance

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